who tha fuq is playing bball at 11:50pm on a tuesday?? i’m about to fuckin show them whose court this fuckin is but that entails putting on underwear so

"Suck his dick"

— A gay man’s advice for basically everything

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my anaconda dont

Anonymous asked: "do you know of a website/store that sells clothes for people who have slim body type?"

idk any that specialize in slim body wear per se but I’d go w stores like maybe H&M, topman, cotton on. I’m no fashion expert tbh, I just kinda made do with what I got :P

I’m drunk but shit what if I actually sorta like this guy???

i swear to god I think my apartment is kinda haunted and like there’s a ghost who likes to throw my bedroom door open and closed to fuck w me

which, u kno, is pretty fuckin chill







Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enroll in a Classics course and deliberately and consistently mispronounce “Penelope” as “Peen-a-loap.”

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